Oceania Click & Collect Policy Document.

December 2014.

Get your bike fast with instant, 24/7 Click and Collect.

Oceania’s Click and Collect service allows you to order bikes from our website and collect them from our network of authorised brand dealers. The Click and Collect system gives you a huge range of bikes to choose from with fast turnaround, professional service and support. You’ll also have the peace of mind that a trained mechanic in an authorised bike store assembles and prepares your bike! All you need to do is place your order through our Click and Collect system, we will offer you the nearest authorised store for delivery and then the store will notify you when the bike is ready to be collected.

Freight to the store is FREE – Your bike will be quickly delivered to your local authorised Dealer at no extra charge.

Shipping is FAST! Orders are processed and shipped each business day so your order will arrive within an average of 3 working days to east coast capitals and 6 working days to WA, Tasmania or North Queensland.

Collection is EASY. Once your bike is ready simply bring in your order confirmation and your personaI ID, sign the delivery agreement and the bike will be ready to roll!

Orders are SECURE. We use a fully encrypted secure transaction system for all credit card orders to ensure the safety of your data.

To make a purchase click on the Products tab and navigate to the bike you are interested in. To start a Click and Collect order click the Buy button. Click and Collect is only available for complete bikes.

Click and Collect Terms and Conditions.

Be sure to read all Terms and Conditions before purchasing bikes via Click and Collect.


What products are available for Click and Collect?

All of our bicycle brands are available via Click and Collect. You can see if an item is available via Click and Collect as the item will have the large red ‘Buy’ Icon next to the item. Only items that are available in our warehouse stock is available via Click and Collect. Stock in retail stores is not available to purchase via Click and Collect.

How much is freight on a Click and Collect order?

Freight is FREE to our authorised retail partners. Buyers will need to collect the bike directly from stores once they are assembled and ready to go.

Can I buy multiple bikes on a single order?

Not at this time. Please order bikes individually.

Can I nominate my preferred Retail Store?

We can deliver bikes only to authorised brand retailers.  You can nominate an authorised dealer in you area or preferred pickup location.

Can I get products delivered to my home or workplace directly?

We only ship to our authorised dealers within Australia for proper assembly and preparation. 

Can I contact you to get some help deciding on a particular bike model or size?

It is very difficult to do this over phone or email so we ask that these questions are answered in one of our authorised retail outlets where a bike expert can match you to your ideal bike and ensure that you get the right fit. This is one of the most important steps when buying a bike. Due to the huge variation in bike geometry and body size and flexibility we don’t believe in fitting bikes to people from a generic size chart over email or phone. A retailer can guide you to exactly the right bike for your needs and spend time selecting the right fit for your body.

I’d like to order internationally, how can I do this?

We do not offer any international shipping or pickup for our products. Please contact a local retailer.

How can I contact you?

Our customer service team are available between regular business hours Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Contact us using our Contact Form or phone 03 9799 4144. Our office is not open to the public and we do not sell product directly.

I have a problem with the bike I purchased from Click and Collect. What can I do?

Your first point of call with any bike issues should be your retailer. They can often adjust the bike and have you back on the road in no time. For bigger issues or problems they can advise what the next steps should be. If you need further assistance you can email us on the above contact email.

What is the Warranty on Click and Collect bikes?

Your manufacturers warranty is as normal with any Click and Collect bikes. Each brand has its own warranty policy, available from the Oceania website. This covers you against any manufacturing or workmanship faults. Warranty does not cover crash or accident damage, incorrect parts fitting, abuse, wear and tear, commercial use or use of the product outside of the manufacturers intended purpose. Click and Collect purchases are covered by all normal consumer protections under the Australian Consumer Law.